Alain Geenrits

As a tech enabler I thrive on getting new knowledge and dissecting it. I am very analytical and still like to get hands-on technical. I am a story teller explaining concepts fluently in 4 languages! I coach by bringing people and concepts together, I am a patient and respectful listener, accountable, with a lot of empathy and some humour… I have a high sense of duty and love building communities. Public speaking is my passion.

I have worked in computer infrastructure for over 30 years, I worked for a few US brand names and recently as a contractor for a startup and some project work. It all started on Novell NetWare for me… It is hard to list all the technologies I touched. Windows, (Open)Solaris, I have been running linux since the beginning. Some additional facts and feats:

– Networking knowledge, including firewalls, load balancers, proxy,… currently specialising in network virtualization with VMware NSX-t.
– active member of VMware vExpert community, member of Cloud Management and Security sub programs.
– Worked for projects in AWS and Azure. Cloud Security
– Knowledge of IAM, directory services such as LDAP.
– Enterprise monitoring and compliance management (tools for ISO27000, PCI, HIPAA).
– Cloud provisionning.
– Currently working on Kubernetes and Docker knowledge.

I also apply my love of public speaking and community in astronomy, I am board member of Volkssterrenwacht Urania (public observatory), guide people around, show them the beautiful night sky trough a telescope or take them to see the aurora in the Nordics…

Oh and I built and use some 3D printers….

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