Hans Kraaijeveld

EUC Architect, specialized in getting the best user experience and having a functional perspective unique to a technically oriented person.
VMware Certified Instructor, focused on VMware Horizon and vSphere.
Acting as a trusted advisor within the company and for customers in regards to their digital workspace. Sharing knowledge wherever I can and taking communication to the next level.
Holding numerous certifications in the End User Computing area and awarded VMware vExpert for the sixth time in a row, as well as being a member of the vExpert EUC subgroup and Subject Matter Expert in the Digital Workspace area.
Currently focusing on VMware Horizon and integration with other products, such as Igel, ControlUp and appCURE. Keeping in touch with new technologies in the field and frequently speaking at events. Blogging @ https://www.plonius.com/ and https://www.fondo.nl/blog/ Writing about music in my spare time @ https://www.rockportaal.nl

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