Stijn Stabel

Transformative leader working with executive management to provide a critical perspective and guidance on IT strategy, IT investments, innovation and the digitalization of the industry. In my role I target the effects of the fusion of technologies which is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Strong track record in integrating (data of) emerging technologies including robotics, AI, Nanotechnology, Biotech, IoT, …. with existing strongholds such as ERP, CRM,….

I’m frequent panel member and speaker in seminars on digitalization Architecture, Innovation and Strategy alignment. I’m also member of a digital Advisory board in which a select group of peers from fortune 500 companies as well C-level representatives from digital disruptors are debating the opportunities and pitfalls of the digital future and 4th industrial revolution.

On a personal note I’m passionate about my family and the sport I compete in, i.e. triathlon. During my road towards my world championship qualification Ironman in 2015 I got inspired to turn my results into something more than a finisher trophy and truly race for those who can’t by raising money for various charity organizations and teaming with big sports brands.

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